Hollowtips Brand Introduction and Background

We are Hollowtips — a cannabis brand founded on innovation and quality.  Since 2018, we’ve continued to push industry boundaries by producing a unique experience with our introductory line of vape pens.   Our founders have always had a passion for cannabis, dating back to their youth.  With a political and cultural shift in cannabis laws throughout various U.S. states, they decided to combine over a decade’s worth of industry knowledge, their passion for flower, and a dedication to superior products to create a vape pen unlike any other.  

Operating under the principles of “Luxury, Craftsmanship, Integrity,” Hollowtips is founded on the attitude of being unsatisfied with existing products.  “We only want to use the highest quality cannabis and products ourselves, so we wanted to create something with the same value for our friends.” said co-founder   

We are motivated to continue to push out top-shelf, luxurious cannabis products and designs.  From product to packaging, we take attention to detail seriously.  With that in mind, we encouraged our manufacturers to share our vision in developing elite, original products that can’t be ignored — beginning with the Hollowtips signature monogram vape pen featuring:

  • Our patented bullet tip cartridge design, crafted with the highest grade, lab-tested THC and the purest Delta-9 water clear distillate, featuring a  collectible magnetic screw cap
  •  The reusable Mini Deuce Deuce battery, with a magnetic 510 connector for easy cartridge replacement 
  • An aluminum alloy housing finished in 24k gold — our vape pens are a step above the rest. 

Our cannabis infused vape cartridge with the patent pending air bubble chamber fused with an inhale activated design is crafted to further expand smoke during use for an enhanced satisfying experience.  It’s this commitment to delivering high quality products and THC that has earned us the “Most Innovative Vape” award at the 1st annual Orange County Cannabis Awards, in October 2019, as well as the “Best Vape Hybrid” selection at the Kushstock Festival in November 2019.  

Be sure to stay tuned to future blog posts where we will continue to preview future products, events, and relative news as it happens!